About Us

The Yeti’s Mission

The Yeti serves the student body, faculty and staff of Florida State University by providing a progressive media outlet that focuses on issues that affect the campus, the Tallahassee community and society at large. We aim to fill the void left by commercial media outlets and provide a voice to the underrepresented. We are a venue for commentary and artistic expression. We strive to spark a dialogue between students and community members, in hopes that an educated exchange of information will motivate our readers to be informed, thinking members of society.

About The Yeti

Founded in April 2005 by a small group of students from Florida State University, The Yeti was created as an independent alternative to the corporately owned media found in our community and university. The Yeti exists to serve Tallahassee and Florida State University by acting as an alternative source for local news written by members of the community. We strive to fill the void of unreported local and grassroots issues. Our goal is to provide our university and community with in-depth coverage of topics that impact the community. We are always looking for talented writers, designers, photographers and editors. E-mail us at fsuyeti@gmail.com if you’d like to get involved.

Campus Progress

The Yeti is published with support from Campus Progress. We are a member of the Campus Progress journalism network.

Comment Policy

One of the goals of our organization is to publish content that leads to intelligent discourse. This discussion cannot occur if comments include personal insults, discrimination or threats. Comments of this nature will not be tolerated and will be removed. We thank you for helping us keep comments clean and discussion-oriented.

Views Section

The opinions expressed in our views section do not always represent the views of The Yeti itself, Campus Progress, or Florida State University. However, we stand by citizens’ First Amendment right to express opinions freely, and offer a venue to do so to those who pitch ideas at our meetings.

Our Staff

The Yeti operates only with the help of its dedicated volunteer writers. Though they aren’t all listed here, we’d like to thank them for their hard work and dedication. To become one of our volunteer writers, e-mail us at fsuyeti@gmail.com to introduce yourself and get information about our meetings.